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Custom Private Tour

Quick Details

Private charter Up to 6 passengers • Ages 5 - 60

Customise your trip in this private boat tour in Kauai

Kapt. Kamua Kaua’i Dream Tours will take you along the sandy beaches and rocky mountains where my ‘ohana-family once lived. I share the history and culture of ancient times, where communities once thrived in these remote valleys – the majestic cliffs, cascading waterfalls, which bring the waters and nourishes the ground, where lava tubes and sea caves still are being carved into awesome wonders. Enjoy the nai’a (the porpoises and dolphins), the honu (the Hawaiian sea turtles), and the kohola (the humpback whales).

  • Bring your own food and beverages. No Glass is Great!
  • Stop by our local markets in Waimea.
  • Please plan ahead and pick-up food, snacks, juice and water.